What is a mover?

A mover is an entrepreneur who takes your challenges into account and knows how to plan and carry out the moving and handling of your goods.

A mover is a professional who understands the importance of the trust placed in him for the transport and storage of your most precious possessions.

A mover knows like no other how to organize his workforce and the logistics of his transport team efficiently and quickly.

A mover knows how to listen to his customers and advise them so as to eliminate all concerns relating to the transport and handling of their goods.

A mover provides you with unparalleled customer service because we transport furniture and goods but above all we serve customers.

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The characteristics of a professional mover

  1. Forecast

    A mover forecasts the amount of goods and furniture accurately, the amount of vehicles that will be needed for efficient transportation, the amount of equipment and men that will be needed to do the job, as well as the distances to be covered and the itinerary.

  2. Logistics

    A mover has experience and knows the critical logistical factors. An experienced mover can easily assess the logistics between your necessary stops, the handling of your goods at their destination.

  3. Preperation

    A professional mover ensures that all goods and furniture are prepared by offering you good advice to facilitate the delivery of your goods.

  4. Skilled labor

    A mover makes sure to provide you with a qualified, competent and courteous team with its customers.

  5. Unparalleled customer service

    A mover transports goods but serves customers first and foremost. A professional mover knows how to listen and find effective solutions for your move. Respond to all your concerns by advising and guiding you through each step of a hassle-free move.

  6. Specialized equipment and facilities

    A mover has well-maintained equipment, a fleet of available trucks and transportation accessories. A mover can also ensure the security and storage of your belongings during a transition period between your moves.

3 factors to consider before choosing a moving company

The choice of a mover is not a choice to be taken lightly. You entrust them with your possessions and memories, often irreplaceable, accumulated over the course of a lifetime. When selecting your moving contractor, you should take the time to ensure the seriousness and professionalism of the company you are doing business with.

Here are the three crucial criteria to make sure you do business with a reputable moving company.

Experience company

The duration of a company's success is a witness to its success as well as its experience in dealing with any situation that arises in the field.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Today, customers are no longer the messengers of their positive or negative experience only by word of mouth. They can easily do online testimonials on forums, social media, and directory platforms. Check them out, so you can consider whether the company profile is worthy of your trust.

The price and the valuation method

A professional contractor can, with accurate information, provide an accurate quote. Thanks to his experience, he can set an accurate and reliable price for the task to be performed. To avoid lower-cost bids and then incur extra contentious and sometimes costly invoices, be careful when looking for the lowest bidder.

Déménagement Bernier

We have been serving customers for over 30 years. We are more than movers, we are advisers in the logistics, handling and storage of goods - yours

For us, the preservation of your possessions and memories are central elements of our success, for you they are invaluable and we understand that. This is why our customers trust Déménagement Bernier and we are proud of it.